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Welcome to Nazareth Church!

This is a community of faith that is alive, active, and faithfully looking toward the future. With spirited worship, a sense of service to the community and the world, a commitment to thoughtful growth in faith, we try to live the faith we have been given in Jesus Christ.

Each person who joins in serving Christ through this community of faith adds to the richness of the body of Christ. Whether newcomer or long timer, all are welcome here to worship Jesus Christ and join in the community of faith.

Come worship God at Nazareth, and experience this community of faith in Jesus Christ! You can make a difference here as Christ makes a difference in us all!

Nazareth is one of the 11,200 congregations of the Presbyterian Church USA and is a member of Foothills Presbytery. Established in 1765 and chartered in 1772, Nazareth is older than the United States and is the “mother church” of eleven other churches. Nazareth is a church with a rich Presbyterian heritage and a vibrant future as we continue to grow and develop as a community in Christ.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity to know Christ personally, to worship and glorify God, to grow spiritually, to create an environment in which to comfort those in need and to make disciples who will spread God’s Word and compassion through witness and service in our community and the world. Want to know more about what Presbyterians believe? Presbyterians Today can provide insight into the Biblical and theological foundations of our faith.

Grace and peace be yours in Christ Jesus!

David Sutton –