Who we are as the church is demonstrated by what we do as the church! There are many opportunities for you to be in service at Nazareth. Find what suits you and get involved.

The Carpenter’s Table Community Outreach Center  provides food and other necessities to hundred of families every month. Located next to Tyger River Presbyterian Church, The Carpenter’s Table is always in need of items for distribution and volunteers. We need non-perishable food items, such as canned meats, vegetables, soups, spaghetti sauce, fruits, cereals, dried beans, rice, macaroni and cheese, etc. We also need donations of toilet paper, paper towels, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, or other personal care items. All donations can be placed in the Missions Room. Volunteers are also greatly needed. If Saturdays aren’t good for you, shoppers are needed who can purchase certain food items and then take them to The Carpenter’s Table before Thursday so they can be bagged for the weekend. Since we are currently feeding more than 150 families every Saturday, we need people to help distribute and carry items to cars. Anyone over the age of 12 is welcome to come help. We work every 2nd Saturday of the month. If you have any questions about donations or volunteering, please call Kim Kotecha at 809-5991.

2 cents a meal offering “Pennies for Hunger”
Other Outreach - Pennies for Hunger - Nazareth Presbyterian Church PhotoThis special offering received each month is an example of how each person doing their part can really add up. During the month households put a container on their table and put in 2 cents per person each time they eat a meal.  On the last Sunday of each month our children gather these offerings in tin buckets during Worship service. The pennies make a joyful noise as they are dropped into the buckets. Each child then pours the pennies from their bucket into a larger container…a visual picture of how we are all- young and old – called to God’s work.

Through June 30 of this year we have received $1,076 in our Pennies for Hunger offerings. Thanks everyone for your generous giving. Together we do make a difference!!

Presbyterian Disaster Relief

Nazareth Church actively responds to the needs of  others in times of disaster. We have helped create hygiene kits to replenish supplies used following natural disasters such as earthquakes.  Here Nazareth folk work together to create over 677 kits. Nazareth also provided clean up buckets to be used in relief efforts as well.

Use our  Connect Now page to find other opportunities to serve in our community.