Communion Two - Nazareth Presbyterian Church PhotoSunday worship services begins at 10:30AM. Sunday Schools begins at 9:30AM. Come experience Jesus Christ through the hearing and preaching of God’s word and fellowship with others. We believe the mission of Nazareth should be characterized by a strong and vital program where worship, proclamation, fellowship, nurture and outreach can take place. Worship should afford an opportunity for persons to sense God’s presence, praise His name, and commune with Him while being uplifted and strengthened. Proclamation should provide for preaching and teaching the Word of God and making known the love of God in Jesus Christ for all persons. Fellowship should provide for building a close-knit group of persons bound together by a sense of God’s love for them and a loving concern for one another, where sorrows and joys are shared in a caring atmosphere. Christian nurture should provide opportunities for persons of all ages to study, learn, and develop a stronger, more solid, well-grounded faith and be equipped for working and living the Christian life in a difficult and trying world.

The Church is people who enter to worship and who depart to
serve. The Church is to equip its people to perform God’s directives in the world, for where there is no vision, the people perish.